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  • Phone UK Mobile +44 7801090835
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Jana (Slovak), Tony (British) & the twins (half and half) have lived in Senec for 10 years & love it.

Why do we live here ?

In the summer its like being on holiday for 4 months, its sunny & hot with many things going on around the lake. Senec (marked with the red X) is one of the dryest/hottest/flattest parts of Slovakia.

Being only 25 minutes from Bratislava means the city is close by.

40 minutes drive and you can have lunch in Hungary and dinner in Austria, there are no border controls to worry about. You could even have a picnic in Slovakia, Hungary & Austria at the same time (Tripoint Sculpture Park youtube)

We (Jana is the language expert apparently) speak a range of languages including English, Slovak (& Czech), Polish, Russian, Japanese and some Spanish.

Can you beat my not so great time for running around the lake (shortest route without swimming!) – 28 minutes 42 seconds ?